SIP Electron Hosted Softswitch

Monthly Rent

Rent a server for as low as 43$/month & reduce the capital cost for your VoIP business

24x7 Managed Services

Dedicated services 24*7 for switch management, will let you concentrate on your business without any worry

Quick Start your VoIP business

Quick service set-up to start your retail or wholesale business within a short period of time.

Complete VoIP Suite in a Single Platform

comes with the most used VoIP modules , so you will not buy and install external software

Key Features

Easy to use - graphical user interface

  • Nice and easy to use graphical user interface to view live calls data and call status , also ASR/ACD live monitoring is available
  • Everything in our solution is user friendly and can be managed easily through the web interface
  • No need to have difficult skills to manage the system like writing scripts for routing calls .. ETC
  • Flexible design you can run the system from any PC web browser or Mobile browser

Data and Reporting

  • Detailed statistics by hour , day , or any period of time
  • Real-time system status dashboard: ASR, ACD, current calls
  • Real time Credit/Balance reconciliation
  • Active Calls Monitoring
  • Real time balance update
  • Users reports with full CDR
  • Service provider costs and net profit calculations reports
  • View and manage client invoices report

Setup and Configurations

  • Few and easy steps to manage your clients , routings , and gateways
  • Unlimited clients (originators) wholesale and retail , gateways/trunks , tariffs , and routing plans
  • Flexible routing plans , you can set multiple destinations for same prefix , the system will re-route the call to next destination that associated to same prefix in case if first destination unable to terminate the call
  • Save your time by enable our invoicing module , the system will issue and send automatically an invoice for each client weekly
  • Filter incoming VoIP traffic based on dialed number , or caller id , also it support white and black lists , static and dynamic lists , for more details please check our guide
  • Support Http lookup api to validate dialed numbers on external third party before call hit your destination/gateway in real time , for more details please check our guide

Server and Technical Specs

  • Compatible with Android phones GSM gateway like Pure-VoIP.com , and other SIP devices and trunks
  • Automatic codec conversion/transcoding
  • Supported codecs are GSM, iLBC, G711u-Law, G711a-Law, and G729
  • Dedicated and secure resources , and dedicated IP Address
  • Manage system time zone based on needed timing to avoid any conflict with your clients
  • Media Timeout : this feature will track the voice stream RTP in the call sessions and it will drop the call if the RTP is not received for a period of time , this feature will ensure the accuracy for your calls duration and invoices , this feature is handy because sometimes the SIP endpoints for certain network errors are not sending BYE message to hang-up the connected calls

Multi Security Levels

  • Maximum security against unauthorized login or hacking attempts.
  • Auto block of hacking attempts
  • IP auth to manage who can send calls through the system
  • Intelligent algorithm to detect suspicious network behaviors and stop it
  • Built in high performance firewall


If your needed feature is not available in our solution , we can add custom features on the solution to match your business needs

Why Choose Us?

VoIP systems in general are expensive , we understand that this can make start VoIP business difficult , we are providing affordable prices to cut cost on existing companies also to let new people to start working in VoIP industry

We are providing free/paid system customization for our clients , sometimes this can be difficult in other companies , but we have procedures to take customization from our clients and update our solution from our client experience

We built this system after checking and analyzing many VoIP systems on the internet , our solution solved a lot of VoIP system problems in the market